Have you been on a break from being creative?

Now you’re back, you should be refreshed and ready to go…

Ah, but someone forgot to tell your creative spark it’s time to start making again.

10 ways to get back your creative spark


One.  Inspiration – Surround yourself with other creative people, either through a craft group, friends who love to create, or through an online creative group. My go-to creative person is my mum, she is always happy to inspire me or loan me her ear as a sounding board for new ideas.

Two. Organisation – If it’s your creative space that is putting a dampener on the creating. Allocate time to get in there and declutter and organise. Imagine all the hidden treasure you may find!

Three. Measure your successes {more a business one} – Check back through your successful product lines before the break and plan how you can expand the range. Brain storming or mind mapping on big sheets of art paper work great for this and be the fuel for more creative ideas and inspiration. This can also be great on a personal level to look at what you enjoyed creating or even making for others and to then seek out more ways to include this regularly in your making time.

Four.  Planning ahead– Purchase a cute pocket diary and add what you would like to make and set a deadline. Let another creative friend know what you’re working on and ask them to prompt you for creative progress updates.

Five. Read and Look up – Hit up the local library or book store for craft magazines or books. Pop over to Pinterest and get lost for hours in the pages and pages of DIY craft tutorials and ideas.

Six. Visual Inspiration – Look for visual cues to get your creative spark fired up. Create a real pin board and get pinning. Beautifully designed printable quotes can be found through Etsy, Pinterest and Google images. Cut or photocopy pictures from magazines or books of creative skills you would like to learn. Don’t be afraid to add fabrics, textures, nature finds, anything that puts the creative fire back in your heart.

Seven. Share your skills – Find someone who would love to know how to do the creative skill your awesome at. Show them the basics or more. You could also team up with another creative friend who would love to swap skills; you can then teach each other a new talent.

Eight. Be ready – Take a note pad and pencil with you everywhere, and when inspiration comes knocking you can jot or draw it down.

Nine. Think outside the square – have you lost excitement for the skill you were once passionate about? Look how you can jazz up that skill by adding a new way of creating it. Combine it with another creative skill. You never know when you may stumble across your next creative talent or business. Think loom bands ; )

Ten. Be patient – Creativity can’t be forced, be prepared to let it grow slowly. If you find yourself creatively blocked, take a break. Find places that you can sit and reflect. For me this is the beach, the rolling of the waves along the shore help restore my creative spark.

I hope this helps bring the creative spark back alive for you.

Have your own tip? I would love to hear all about it! Simply pop a little comment or love below.

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Bold Wishes

x Fiona