It’s no secret; I love quotes and printables.

In a quest to blog a little more. I have made you a little lovable printable.

These words are close to my heart; they are important to you and to everyone to remember.

Be Kind BW-01
Be Kind Black and White

Be Kind…to you,

Be Kind…to others,

Be Kind…to the world.

Be Kind Colour1-01
Be Kind Colour

Be kind to ‘little old’ you. We spend too much time worrying we’re not meeting everyone else expectations, it drives me cray cray.  The worse is if you have little people or even big people living side by side with you there’s every chance your past these huge expectations onto them!

Also be kind to others, quit the trying to grow yourself bigger by not being kind. The quote ‘Everyone’s fighting a battle you nothing about’ always springs to mind when I have the urge to make any person feel small. Yep, I’m no saint, but I know when this quote pops into my head I stop and think before I speak…

Be kind to the world, this one’s mega important, this is it folks this one precious planet. Throw your rubbish in the bin, recycle and be green where ever you can.

Peace out folks,

Enjoy the printable x