I’m back with a DIY, that’s been on my list for ages!

I love typography and I love all the signs that have appeared everywhere over the last few years, but what if you love an awesome quote but can never find it anywhere?

Well you make your own,

DIY Typography Sign!

DIY Typography Sign

You will need –

You will need.. DIY Typography Sign

Scrap wood

A thin piece of wood to brace the back of your sign.

A drill, with a small drill piece


White paint

Black paint

Carbon paper

Thin brush for letters

Thick brush for white paint

Wire for hanging

Extra screws or nails for hanging



Screw driver or screw driver drill attachment.

Optional extras 

Sand paper

Baby wipes to rub of the dust and blue carbon words

Paper or paint for your little heart

Step 1. Set up your quote in your program of choice, you can use Word, Publisher, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop or you can print the one I made : )

Note – if you want a bigger sign then A4 take your file to your local print shop and get them to print it on a larger scale.

Step 2. Lay out your wood scraps, in order of the size you want your sign to be.

DIY Typography Sign

Step 3. Cut your back braces, the length of your sign.

Step 4. Drill a hole through the back brace  into the front sign planks of the wood. Try to be careful not to come through to the front.

DIY Typography Sign

Step 5. Screw the screws into each holes through to the front sign planks.

Step 6. Add an extra screw or nail to each side of the top to string the wire across. Wrap the wire around the screws or nails on each side, to create a line to hang the sign.

Step 7. Paint the front and sides of your sign white.

Step 8. Allow it to dry.

Step 9. Place your carbon paper under your printed out quote and line it up straight onto the front of the sign. Tape it down.

Step 10. Using a pencil outline the words.

Step 11. Remove the carbon paper and printable and check if you have outlined each letter. If you have not outlined them all,  either try to replace the carbon in the exact same spot or freehand the missing letters in.

DIY Typography Sign

Step 12. Using a thin brush, begin to paint in the letters. Do the outline first and then fill in the middle. Don’t be too worried if you go over the edges, just paint along and smoothe it out. Allow to thoroughly dry.

Step 13. Optional heart from my printable – Cut out a heart from paper and glue on, paint it in or don’t even add it when carbon copying it earlier on.

Step 14. Wipe over with a baby wipe to remove any blue carbon lines.

DIY Typography Sign

 The next option is up to you, you may love the thick black font above or if you instead want it a little rustic. Grab a piece of sandpaper and lightly sand it back. When you are at your happy sanding place, wipe the sanded paint dust off with a baby wipe.

DIY Typography Sign

Now you have your very own, Typography sign. The only other thing to work out is where to hang it!

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