Is your bag a little like Mary Poppins bag, a trove of mixed up magic?

I decided I need to add just a little order to my bag after spending around 10 mins the last week digging for a bobby pin!?

Today’s Crafternoon session is –

‘Little Pouches’

Little Pouches Imogen's Angels

Use them to store hair accessories, stationery or create a mini medical kit when you need to become Doctor Mumma.

Little Pouches Imogen's Angels

You will need –

Little Pouches Imogen's Angels

Clear plastic {I got mine from Textile traders by the mete}


Sewing machine/ Needle


Pins {if you have unsticky backed Velcro}


Optional extras

Washi tape to add some colour.

Step 1. Measure what you want to store in your pouch.

Little Pouches Imogen's Angels

Step 2. Cut the clear plastic to size, making sure you allow for the top fold over part.

Step 3. Cut the Velcro to almost the width of the top edge allowing for hem.

Little Pouches Imogen's Angels

Step 4. Stick or pin the prickly side on the cut Velcro to top edge of the cut out rectangle, ensure it is as centered as possible.

Step 5. Flip it over to the other side and stick or pin the fuzzy side of the cut Velcro to the opposite top edge.

Step 6. Sew the velcro on.

Tip – If you machine is struggling to run smoothly along the plastic, remove the foot and add some frosted tape {see photo}. This will help it glide more easier over the plastic.

Little Pouches Imogen's Angels

Step 7. Optional – add your washi tape across the pouch in what ever design you like.

Step 8. Fold into the pouch shape, sew up along each side edge. You can use straight or a decorative stitch to do this.

Step 9. Fill your pouch!

Little Pouches Imogen's Angels

Why not make a pouch for a special friends next birthday and fill it with new stationery or hair accessories?

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See you next Monday,

Light and Laughter