Make it for you; make it for me she whispered, so I did.

Today’s crafternoon is inspired by my little girl’s drawings. The drawing I have adapted for this activity was the one she submitted to a Family competition where she won us tickets to the launch of Toy Story 2.

I decided to laser create a little necklace frame for her drawing of her and me, so I could wear a piece of my Imogen while out and about.


What you will need –


A picture to copy

A crosstitch frame or a little necklace frame kit

Embroidery thread

Embroidery needle

A piece of calico


Carbon Paper

A photocopier/scanner

A piece of paper

A pen


Felt/card to cover the back

Step 1. Pick a drawing to use, look for a piece with simple lines.

Step 2. Photocopy the masterpiece. Using the frame and a pencil, place the frame on the image where you want to copy and use the pencil to trace around it, or if your Adobe Illustrator/ Photoshop cluey you can create a clipping mask for the size of the circle.

Step 3. Iron calico. Place the carbon paper on top { if you not sure which side is right place it on the calico and make a mark on the edge to check if it’s made a blue carbon mark on the fabric}, then put the photocopy image on top of the carbon paper. I would recommend sticky taping each piece down to the table or a board to ensure they don’t slip whilst you are trying to copy them.


Step 4. Draw firmly along every line on the drawing with your pen.

Step 5. Once finished with the pen outlining take a little peek by lifting a corner to ensure it has worked. Remove the tape and paper. You should now have a blue carbon copy of the drawing on the fabric.

Step 6. Cut a piece of embroidery thread. Use a single thread, as to not to make the lines to thick.

Step 7. Back stitch along the lines.  Finish off the thread with a knot.

Step 8. Continue until the whole image is back stitched.Stitch-a-Drawing

Step 9. Place the frame over your stitched work, and use a pencil to trace around the frame. Add an extra centimetre or two to the pencilled circle. This allows for the extra material that pulls in when the inside frame piece is added.

Step 10. Place the frame face down, then position the cross stich in the window of the frame, face down and then place the backing board behind this and push into the frame. This may take a few times to get it positioned correctly; take it in and out as many times as you want till your happy!


Step 11. Thread a needle with thread and straight stitch around the edge of the back material to gather up the back excess material neatly, pull in tight and do a double stitch to secure.


Step 12. To cover the back work you can either do this with a piece of felt or card cut to size and a little craft glue or alternatively if you have the frame kit you can cover it with the piece of wood included and using clamps glue it down to ensure a tightly closed in gap.


Step 13. Let the glue dry and then gift it or wear it with pride!


Buy your Stitch-A-Drawing Kit here.

Thanks for joining me today!

Light and Laughter

Fiona x