Kid’s and Decluttering together? Impossible you say!

Today I have, Sara Hall from Finer Details Personal Concierge Services sharing her tips on how we can assist our kids in becoming involved in the clutter battle.

Finer Details

Why not schedule a declutter with your child(ren) and take advantage of this time to rid your home of redundant items lurking under beds and pushed to the back of drawers and cupboards. Unwanted and broken toys, books, games and clothing can take up much needed space and hamper an efficient bedroom or activity area.  The children will no doubt come across items they had forgotten about which may bring a few hours of play and uninterrupted peace!

Ensure there is simple, accessible storage solutions for them to make the task quick, easy and maybe even fun.

  • Group like items together and put aside any that are no longer useful
  • Colour co-ordinate storage for each child or alternatively for every pastime. E.g. Blue box for books, green for games etc…
  • Pictures also work really well, placing a hand drawn (perhaps by your children) or copied picture of the items that is stored is a quick and simple reference when tidying.
  • Finer DetailsHave the space for play and storage as close as possible, this also aids in speeding up clearing up when the activity is finished.
  • Take your children with you to the charity shop when you donate their belongings, that way they are able to see that others benefit from items they no longer need or want.

For some additional suggestions use Finer Details simple decluttering tips.

Finer DetailsFiner Details Personal Concierge Services is a local Perth based business – created to help busy people.  As professional organisers, declutter experts and lifestyle managers, we are here to help you gain back more free time and genuine peace of mind knowing that we have everything in control for you. Finer Details is the concept of owner and founder Sara Hall. Sara excels at helping her clients get rid of clutter and become more organised.  Her experience and knowledge of working with different people, and of understanding and responding to their individual needs, and her background in organising means she excels at providing home and office organising services.