Paper Bunting

Bunting has become a huge deal lately, which is understandable as there are super cute buntings available for every occasion.

Check out this one from Paper Notebook

 paper bunting

Or this one from Fetching Shadows

dollie bunting

Ok I could go on and on, but why not have a go at making some paper bunting yourself ?

You will need

The bunting printable

Make your own bunting

A stapler

Coloured textas or pretty paper and/or stickers


Flat plastic ribbon {curling ribbon is ideal}

Make your own bunting

Step 1. Print the bunting printable onto white paper.

Step 2. Decorate with the textas, paper or stickers, whatever you like.

Step 3. Cut out.

Step 4. Measure out enough ribbon to evenly spread your bunting pieces along, plus add a little extra to each end to allow you to tie it up later.

Make your own bunting

Step 5. Staple your bunting triangles along the top of the ribbon.

Step 6. Tie your bunting up in your room or showcase it on your home fridge.

Tips. Don’t want to bother with the string, simple glue your bunting pieces in a line onto another piece of paper. Add your name to your bunting with colourful foam shapes.

Love, Light and celebrating bunting goodness

Fiona x