Paper College

Paper College

A simple crafty project, especially when you have someone who has drawn you some pictures to guide your creative masterpieces ; )

You will need

Paper College

The three printables – house, beach and cake,

Glue stick

College material – paper, foil, egg shells, sand, leaves, cork, catalogues, anything!

Scissors  {or for quick chopping a guillotine is awesome}

A tray with multi slots.

Step 1. Print the printables onto white paper.

Step 2. Cut the college material into small squares. Add each college material to a tray.

Paper College

Step 3. Add glue.

Paper College

Step 4. Press the little squares on the printable as close together as possible.

Step 5. Continue till you have covered the whole page.

Step 6. Allow to dry and enjoy your creative masterpiece.

Tip. Do a little paper cutting prep before letting the kids know about the crafting session, this saves the little ones getting bored waiting.

Love, Light and creating a colourful picture one square at a time,

Fiona x