Pretty Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers

I spotted these flowers on pinterest and decided to attempt to make an easy quick printable for them. The pinning and cutting parts are a little tricky; this craft project is more aimed at the bigger kids and crafty adults. Once you have mastered the paper ones perhaps you can make these super cute fabric ones!

You will need

Paper Flowers

The paper flower printable {print it onto some pretty coloured paper to make different coloured flowers}


A split pin

Step 1. Print the paper flower printable onto any coloured paper, or white if you wish to colour them in yourself. If you have 12 inch scrapbooking paper simply cut it down to A4 size to allow it to feed through your printer.

Step 2. Following the photo below cut only along the bumpy edge, or on the plain spiral one cut along the line.

Step 3. Beginning from the middle start tight rolling up your flower, put the printed side to the back so you can’t see the black printer lines.

Step 4. Undo the rolled up flower and then begin rolling it up again.This time push the material pin through the front of the middle of the flower. Wiggle it around to make the hole a little bigger {see photos}

Making Paper Flowers

Step 5. Push the split pin through the hole.

Step 6. Fold the end of the strip over and add another pin hole to this end. Push the split pin through this hole. Now open the pin to allow it to hold it all together. {see photos}

Step 7. You now have your own pretty paper flower!

Paper Flowers

Tips. Use the flowers to decorate the top of a special present.

Love, Light and oh so pretty paper flower goodness,

Fiona x