Loving our stamp sets, but looking for inspiration on what to use them for? I mean besides the obvious stamping activities like stamping their name on the wall, baby brother or just paper ; )  Here is one cute activity we came up with and a few other suggestions. We do hope you have fun and decide to support handmade this year, with a personalised stamp set in your or your child’s stocking : )

Stamp Printed Bag

Stamp Printed Bag

You will need

Your personalised stamp set,

Paper towel

Baby wipes or spray to clean the stamps,




Ribbon or tape for the handle

Iron and board


Needle or sewing machine

Step 1. Set up paint in trays and cut a piece of calico, we cut our piece to around 16cm by 19cm. Don’t forget to cut a piece of calico for you too.  

Step 2. Add a paint shirt to your child. Dab paint on the bottom of the stamp with a kitchen sponge. Let them stamp their own pattern onto the calico and you onto yours ; ). Clean between paint changes with baby wipes or a cleaner and paper towel.

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Step 3. Allow to dry in the sun or wind.

Stamp Printing

Step 4. Turn over to the unpainted side and apply a hot iron, this assists the paint in staying put.

Step 5. Fold over top edge approx. 1cm for top hem and iron down.

Stamp Printing

Step 6. Either hand or machine sew along the edge.

Step 7. Fold sides together inside out to form a rectangle, pin along the edges and then hand or machine sew along the rectangle edges. Turn bag inside out.

Stamp Printing

Step 8. Measure out the ribbon or tape to how long you want the handle to be. Fold over the edge of the tape and pin onto the bag – see picture.

Stamp Printing

Step 9. Pin the other end to the opposite side to the bag.

Step 10. Hand or machine sew the handle on. Cut loose threads.

Step 11. Hand the bag over to the little or big people to fill and cart around.

Printed Stamp Bag

These little bags would make great simple Christmas presents for every age.

Other suggestions for using stamps include –

Personalising brown bags for gift giving,

Stamp Uses

Making your own personalised note pads,

Making your own stickers,

Stamp Uses

Personalise the back of your envelopes to your friends and family.

Making your own polymer clay gift or bag tags,

Stamp Uses

Want even more ideas? Check out this blog post from ‘The Cloth Spring’

Light and Laughter

Fiona xx