Recently I created a present that was a hit with my two nieces, it was simply a box filled to the brim with crafting goodness!

Want to know more about what I included, A extra 10 % off coupon for my ‘ON SALE’ craft supplies and learn how to become an ace Aunt like me? ; )

Read on friends.

What's in the box? Kid's Craft

Well crafting goodness of course!

First up, the basics,

What's in the box? Kid's Craft

– Textas {or pencils}

– Paint

– Brushes

– Sticky tape

– Paper glue

– Craft glue

– Scissors

– Glitter for fun!

– Assorted paddle pops, match sticks and pom poms.

Then to keep the creativity force strong, seek out a gorgeous kid’s craft book. I found these two at my local Angus and Robertson, book shop. The  ‘How to make small things with Violet Mackerel’  by Anna Branford was simple and gorgeous. {I love making little things, do you?}

What's in the box? Kid's Craft

I also picked a few activities in each book and made up DIY packs which included everything needed for that activity.

What's in the box? Kid's Craft

I added a few other items I had stockpiled over the years,  including a few items from our recycling, such as the paper rolls. The extra supplies could easily be found at your local discount or craft store.

What's in the box? Kid's Craft

It was a bit of a squeeze but it all fitted into the plastic boxes. With a little name foamie fun on the front, they were ready to give!

What's in the box? Kid's Craft

A simple idea, that I plan to continue to refill often for my two nieces. A lot better then another ‘plastic break in two seconds’ toy.

What do you think? Would you like to see another themed box next week?

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Light and Laughter


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