6-DSC_0214Even more crochet heart cuteness, is it possible?

Crochet Hearts made by C Percy designs.


‘Be my Valentine’ Bunting

You will need…


A packet or two of C Percy Designs crochet hearts

A needle that will fit through the hole in your letter beads

Cotton thread

Letter beads to spell ‘Be My Valentine’

Tiny pins or pegs.

Step 1. Set up.

Step 2. Cut a long piece of cotton thread.

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Step 3. Begin thread through the backs of the hearts. The best ways to make sure there up the right way is to lay them along the table as you thread them on.  It saves having to unthread the needle every time {like I had too!}

Step 4. Add the letters, you may have to add them backwards {like me!} depending on how you threaded the first hearts on.

Step 5. Continue adding the hearts and letter beads.

Step 6. Tie each end to a tiny needle or peg.

Peg or pin your ‘Be My Valentine’ bunting.


Check out Christine’s Made it shop, the crochet hearts would also make a cute addition to any plain tee shirt or hair accessory. She also makes crochet hats and scarfs. A gift for everyone.

Love, Light and Bunting {oh how I love you}

Happy Valentine’s Sweet Friends xx

Fiona x