Ah Christmas Time, the time of countless hand and foot print craft!

There are so many to pick from, we decided on this simple Handprint Wreath craft, as we didn’t have a wreath already!

Handprint Christmas Wreath

You will need –

White card,

White paper,

Little hands or feet,

Green paint,

A piece of ribbon

Sticky tape or gluetak to attach it to you door.

A texta to write with.

A wash cloth for the painted hands

Painting apron.

Step 1. Set up the paint, paper, paint brush and table mat.

Step 2. Paint those gorgeous little hands, press down onto paper firmly.

Step 3. Allow to dry.

Step 4. Cut around handprints.

Step 5. Trace a circle from a circle container or bowl. Cut out.

Step 6. Apply glue along the edge.

Step 7. Press cut out handprints along the edge.

Step 8. Using a kitchen skewer make two holes for the ribbon, thread through the ribbon and tie in a bow.

Step 9. Write you Happy Christmas Greeting in the middle. If you have messy writing, apply your greeting with alphabet stickers or a printed out words : ).

Step 10. Apply gluetak or double sided sticky tape.

{Add to your door your personalised Handprint Wreath!}

This week we will be doing a Christmas Craft a day, tomorrow is Christmas Windows.

If you want to join in you will need ~

White, Green, Yellow and Blue paint {or any paint colour you love}

Christmas Stampers

Paint brushes

Paint Rollers

Paint Aprons.

Love, Light and Handprint crafting.