I thought for my first official blog post the best place to begin would be at the end. The ‘end’ place being where we decide as parents to display all the wonderful masterpieces our amazing children become engaged in for some times minutes or even hours depending on their mood at that time!

To some families the humble fridge door may be the perfect display place, but I was told recently the new stainless steel fridge doors are either not able to hold magnets ( I know! What’s the point of the fridge door then?) or magnets leave scratches behind.

I love the old fridge door, but in this craft master family that little fridge door isn’t going to cut it! My journey to seek the ideal display unit began at the kingdom of flat pack Ikea . I really love their wire lines Dignitet kits with the little wire clips (awesomely showcased in the photo above by Apartment Therapy) but knew this also would not provide oodles of display opportunities for the money I had allocated to spend. So after a coffee at the flat pack kingdom, a new brain chatter idea began to form.


Drum roll……A huge magnetic white board, thanks to Google search for the most cost effective price I ended up on the old faithful Gumtree site.  This then led to a journey to a local suburb to secure a large magnetic whiteboard which then would not fit in the car, after a quick trip to the local Bunnings all was on track again. I am one determined person when I have a vision : ).

After dis-assembling the white board from the stand, we then bolted it onto one of our brick walls. Now I had grand ideas of having a white frame made from wood around my whiteboard, it would then have looked like a perfect display piece from a home design magazine. Unfortunately even though I am very capable with a drill, hammer etc. it would seem I am not the best frame assembler. It’s VERY hard to get perfect corners, I challenge anyone who feels like a huge mission and is NOT a framer to have a go at it!

I had to go back to the drawing board or white board in this instance ; ). I then came up with a new idea that practically anyone with a printer, laminator (optional) and piece of thick card could achieve. My authentic green wood planks! (see above) It may not look as flash or real looking as my magazine vision, but it was far less painful!

Here is the end result a place where everyone can see our kid’s masterpieces when entering our main living room. The kids love pointing out their pieces of magical artwork and talking to family and friends about them.

When brain storming my display ideas I searched the Internet high and low, I have pinned other fabulous display ideas on the Imogen’s Angels pinterest board. Perhaps if the whiteboard idea is not for you, you can find another way to showcase your little and big peoples artwork.

Love, Light and Craft


P.S. While I was putting the white board up, I thought I would extend the idea of the masterpiece white board and make a routine board also.  Even though this website is not about household routines I might share how I went about making a white board up from just a piece of recycled sheet metal in another post soon : ). Sneak peek below of our new routine board!