Yesterday my dear Mossy Bunny decided to follow us on our travels, if you follow us on Facebook check it out here. For everyone else I will do a little round up of our adventures here on the blog later today.

Late last night Mossy Bunny was surrounded by little fluffy chickens and it got her to thinking that the chicken’s may like a little fun…

{* no chickens were hurt in the creating of this activity and it’s definitely a BIG NO for REAL family pets or animals!}


Easter Catapult

You will need –


A ruler

Sticky tape

A bull nose clip

A plastic spoon

Catapult things ~ pom poms, foam eggs, fluffy Easter chicks, anything soft especially if inside as mums and dads don’t like broken windows.


Basket to carry catapult things and cushion the landing.

Step 1. Gather your supplies.

Step 2. Place the bull nose clip on top of the ruler.


Step 3.  Wrap the tape around the bull nose clip to secure it to the ruler.

Step 4. Place the handle end of the spoon on top of the taped bull nose clip and tape the spoon on.


Step 5. Set up where there is plenty of room.

Step 6. Place the catapult thing on the spoon.

7-Chciken catapult

Step 7. Press/pull the spoon down and then let go.

Step 8. Try to catch the flying catapult things in the baskets.

Step 9. Enjoy and have fun!


Love, Light and watching the fun

Fiona x