For Father’s day I always try to make something to give from Imogen to her Daddy. Even though she isn’t here physically I know she would still want to celebrate how amazing her dad is.

A few weeks ago Mr Dad saw and loved this quote on pinterest,I knew then that the gift I made for him from Imogen would include this quote. Do you want to print this quote for a frame or card for your dad? Click here for a printable version in photo size (10cm by 15cm size).

When we got married we (OK Mr Daddy) engraved glasses for everyone for the guest bombonieres. I recently purchased a Ozito rotary tool and wanted to have a go again at engraving on glass. I wasn’t to flash at engraving during the wedding time, so I wasn’t sure how my little present for Imogen’s daddy would turn out…

You need

A glass jar

The print out of the dad quote ( I changed the word font to make it a little easier engrave around)

Carbon paper

Orange oil and paper towel

Sticky tape



A ozito rotary tool { purchased just under $40.00 from Bunnings}

A diamond tipped engraver piece

Firstly clean all the sticky label of the jar, the orange oil helps, but unfortunately it’s still a nightmare of a job.

{ You could cut the carbon paper a little small I was just being slack ; )}

Position the carbon paper and paper quote on the jar evenly and straight, tape it on.

Draw around the words.

Remove the carbon and paper and see the results.

Using the diamond tip piece use the rotary tool to draw around the carbon printed words. Wipe as you go along so you can see clearly were you’re going.

Cut two piece of wire approx. 30 cms. Wrap the wire around so you end with one piece on each side and then join them together are the top by winding them together.

How cute is that! Pop a candle in and hang it up when your BBQ’ing or sitting outside this Summer.

This would make a simple special gift for Christmas, perhaps you could make a set for the whole family : ) and hang a bunch along the verandah edge.

If you don’t have a rotary tool you could also just outline the carbon words with a permanent texta.

I will do a few more quote options as Christmas approaches, watch this spot!

Love, light and cute glass candles

xx Fiona