More Fathers’ day love for the Daddy’s, Grandpas’, Pops or whatever name you give your special men folk.

Paddle Pop Frame

to showcase their rays of sunshine.

First steps

Set up the craft equipment

~ 4 Paddle Pops

~ Craft Glue

~ Glitter

~ Foam letters

~ Glue brush

~ Gorgeous picture of the kids

~ Free printable words

~ 2 Magnets

2. Little middle Huey added glue to the backs of the sticks and then placed them down to form the frame;

3. Then he added more glue and just a little glitter.

{or perhaps A LOT of glitter}

After patiently waiting for the glue the dry..

 Second Steps

You may need to reset up, if you have a crafting monster like me who likes to sneak craft off the table and eat it.

4. Place your gorgeous picture under the frame and draw around the frame onto the photo to measure how big it needs to be. Then cut it out (parent or child under parent supervision).

5. More glue to stick the photo to the back of the frame. Make sure you adjust the photo so you are all seen through the front of the frame (no putting your siblings faces behind the frame ; )

6. Put the foam letters and printable words on the frame (they print perfectly on 10cm by 15cm photo paper; I seem to have a lot of that I have never used).

7. Glue magnets on the back.

8. One fabulous Daddy or Granpa Frame : )

Enjoy, not many sleeps to Father’s Day now!

Love, Light and Father’s Day Love

Fiona x

P.S. I have pinned some more paddle pop ideas in pinterest, there are some super cute ideas!