Today I have two easy craft including another free printable card for the little people in our lives to make for their daddy’s!

A favourite father’s day craft for preschool or play group. I know I have two ties stored away which were made by my two big kids.

Daddy’s Tie

Dewey (little middle) and me made this together on Saturday afternoon, when Dad had to go back to work.

I pre-cut the tie out and set the craft bits and pieces up.

You can use whatever you like to decorate the tie; I chose to keep it simple with just a variety of textas, paper strips, stars and foam letters. You may like to use paint, decorative paper, cut out magazine pictures, pom poms or glitter.

After they have finished, you simply punch two holes in the sides of the top of the tie and string through enough hat elastic so daddy can wear his special tie on his day : ).

Father’s Day Tie Kits are now available for purchase for $5.20 (including postage) in our shop.

We also needed to make a card for our daddy and after finding a cute poem on pinterest. I couldn’t resist making a printable card for all to make for their daddy’s. Simply click on the link above to find your way to this printable.

I hope you enjoy making these two father’s days activities as much as we did!

Love, Light and craft

Fiona x