Paint plus children.

These two words combined evoke fear even in the most amazing pro crafting parents.

Today the weather in my little world was beautiful and sunny, and we all know the best place for painting is outside where a simple hose spray makes any spills disappear instantly.

I chose two types of painting;

Easy Kids Craft ~ Finger and Bubble painting.

I found these painting recipes on notes my mum had written down many moons ago.

I made up two types of finger paint paste.

Jelly finger paint

This paint looks and feels like ‘Ghostbuster’s’ lime.

{You need}

3 cups of water

1 cup of cornflour

Food colouring (a little or a lot your choice)

Step 1. Boil water.

Step 2. Dissolve cornflour with a little extra water to make a smooth paste.

Step 3. Add cornflour paste to boiled water with a whisk to help eliminate lumps. Continue on boiling till the mixture becomes thick and clear {Tip – this does not take long, maybe 30 seconds}

Step 4. Add ‘your choice’ colouring and mix.

This makes a lot of jelly finger painting, if you only have one little person you may like to decrease the cornflour and water ratio.

Soapy Finger paint

This paint is magical, it feels like soft clouds and looks like fairy floss!

{You need}

2 cups of water

1 cup of soap flakes

Food colouring ( a little or a lot your choice)


Electric Beaters

Heavy Paper

Step 1. Measure water into a bowl.

Step 2. Add soap flakes to water.

Step 3. Beat with electric beaters until stiff.

Step 4. Add colouring and mix to combine.

{Word of warning – this paint can clog drains; put any leftover paint into the rubbish}

I set up a large roll of paper on the driveway and the boys created magic with the finger paint. I only let the little one play with the jelly finger paint, as he has a reputation of eating craft.

Bubble painting

To do this painting your little one needs to understand the idea of blowing through a straw not just sucking up the lovely soapy inky water. I am pretty sure they would only do it once! Though our little middle did it twice! Yuk!

{You need}

Dish washing liquid

Food Dye (just a splash)



Empty disposable cup or yoghurt container

Step 1. Pour ¼ cup of dish washing liquid into the cup.

Step 2. Add food dye.

Step 3. Mix.

Step 4. Practise blowing on a straw.

{A fun way of testing this is by seeing if they can blow a feather or ping pong ball along whilst blowing through the straw}

Step 5. Put straw into bubble mixture and blow until bubbles slightly over flow the container (little ones may need a little mum or dad blowing power to get started)

Step 6. Place the paper close gently to the bubbles that are overflowing to help transfer the bubble paint onto the paper. Be carefully not to press the paper too roughly onto the bubbles as it might just pop every one of them!

I look forward to blogging about more different kid friendly painting methods soon,

Love, Light and Bubbly Painting,

x Fiona