Easy Kids Craft ~ Pom Pom Craft Ideas!

Well I blogged about that soft little crafting ball called a pom pom earlier this week and I promised an original easy kids craft involving pom poms. Well my friend that is easier said than done! All I could think of was the pom pom ideas I found earlier in the week.

For the kids I have decided to stick to something familiar that I saw on someone elses blog, but just a different character…Well the print out is Peppa Pig as a pom pom pig! Who does not love that adorable pig.

Though at the time when I did mine (yes I had to have a go : ) I had these googly eyes that had eyelashes and well, they looked to grown up on Miss Peppa…so introducing Peppa Pig dressed up as Miss Piggy. All you really have to do to Peppa is give her some hair if you like Miss Piggy best : ).

Peppa Pom Pom Pig Downloadable Instructions click here to get a printable instruction sheet on how to make your own Peppa/ Miss Piggy : )

Dewey busily coloured in the print out.

If you’re not into colouring you could use the patterns and trace them onto card or even felt.

The rest of the project I did. As one it was a little tricky for little middle Dewey and two he packed himself off to Granma’s when she came past for a visit.

I cut the pieces out, glued ears, eyes, nose and stout on (I glued the two main poms poms together earlier). Then the legs on the milk top and then Miss Piggy’s body

Her lovely colourful dress was taped together. This was a little tricky, little ones will need some adult assistance.

Her arms

and then you just smile, because isn’t she and her two friends cute?

Just for fun I made a pom pom from scratch. My sister and me use to make tons of these. Not sure what we ended up doing with them but they were good to fill in time and throw around for the cat to chase.

I have made up a photo collage below on making pom poms. They really are simple and fun, mine looked like a pineapple ring that then grew into a fluffy chicken : ).

Then I tried to think out of the square and came up with….a pom pom coaster! Yes slightly naff but positive points 1. It takes a while to complete (more peace and quiet) 2. It uses up a ton of pom poms 3. What an awesome gift for Granma or pa : ). Cons – She’s not the most stable of coasters, but remember the positive point number 1. peace and quiet and I think that might make up for the slight naffness and instabilities : ).

It reminds me of these super cute rugs, I love them!

Enjoy my little pom pom friends, hope it helps you use up your whole packet and then go back an buy some more!

Love, Light and Craft

Fiona xx