As a little girl I remember my mum weaving a mixture of threads and natural fibres. Mum even occasionally went on workshops in the bush to basket weave with other weavers. This then resulted in a influx of woven baskets through out our whole house ; ). I now believe there is something nurturing to the soul about the simple method of weaving in and out with whatever material you can find.

Today I am showing a simple way of bring weaving into yours or your little peoples crafting lives.

Simple Weaving

You need ā€“

A foam tray

Some string for the weaving frame

Materials for weaving, these can include wool, material, feathers, paper, wool, string

A needle for threading the thin material and the weaving frame string

Step 1. Cut a large whole in the centre of the foam tray.

Step 2. Cut a long piece of string. Thread the string onto the needle. Tie a knot at the end of the string. Push the needle through the foam tray along the edge of the hole you cut in step 1. Pull the string through the tray until the knot is firmly against the foam tray.

Step 3 and 4. Begin stitching the weaving string in and out along the edge of the tray {see picture above}.

Step 5. Finish the weaving string off by tying another knot close to the foam tray.

Step 6. Now using the weaving materials begin threading it in and out the weaving frame strings.

When you have finished your weaving, it makes a nice piece for the masterpiece board to show off your weaving work to family and friends or pull all the weaving materials out and start again.

Tip : To add interesting items to your weaving take the kids to the park and look for feathers, long leaves or onion grass. This helps add extra texture to your weaving design.

Weaving can be added to many items, I hope to add some more ideas and suggestions soon. Do you have any ideas on how to incorporate weaving into everyday items?

I would love to hear about them, please leave me a comment below.

Love, Light and the ins and outs of weaving.

X Fiona