This week we went to play at one of our playgroup friends places. I spotted hanging on her son’s wall a handmade cute and easy way to display your child’s work. This idea is fabulous as your child gets to have hands on involvement in making a place to showcase their amazing talents.


Dewey and I decided to make one up in steps to show you how to make one. Can you wait till the end of steps to find out what it looks like? I promise it is worth the wait and super cute and easy.

First Dewey painted (with a little help) a non coated paper plate in a favourite colour.

While our plate aka display centre was drying in the sun. We sat and looked through our sticker box and magazines for something to glue on to make the display centre special to Dewey.

Dewey then glued the words and pictures on his plate.

Then came time for stickers.

After punching to holes at the top the plate Dewey, concentrated intensely ; ) and threaded the string through the holes. I then tied the string in a knot to secure it to the plate.

I then helped Dewey peel the adhesive tape off the pegs and position them ‘kind of’ evenly along the bottom of the plate.

Ta-da….One ‘Look what I made today!’ display centre. Dewey was very happy about his plate creation, he ran off to find some recent artwork to peg on it. We decided to hang it close to the front door, so Dad could see what magical artwork he has created each day.

Other options-

Below is a brief list of what you could do if you didn’t have some of the equipment we used.

No paper plate – piece of plain cardboard, even a cereal boxes cardboard would work. You could leave this as a square or fashion it into any shape you like.

No paint – Cover the card with wrapping paper or plain paper.

No printer or word program for the words – simply write the words on or use alphabet stickers.

No Magazines or stickers – Your child could draw another picture to be always displayed on their display centre or look for pictures on the net with your child to then print out and colour in.

No pegs – paperclips or single ring binders to allow the art work to be slipped in.

No string – dental floss, sewing cotton or ribbon.

Or alternatively you could buy one of Imogen’s Angels ‘Look what I made today!’ kits from our shop to make one for yourself or with your kids ; ). Want to buy one but don’t have a paypal account simply send us an email or completed contact form and we can forward details for bank deposit options.

Hope you enjoyed the first of many to come tutorials from Imogen’s Angels,

Love, Craft and Light

Fiona xx