I have a confession to make, I love the TV show ‘American Pickers’. Every time I watch it I dream of getting on the road and going from barn to barn just picking’. Do you watch it? If so surely you can see me, Mike and Frank on the road in the van : ). Meanwhile back in the real world I have found my own much more contained and organised picking’ spot.

Balcatta Recycling Centre

Contact and Location details

Up until about 4 months ago, I had only driven past and through the Balcatta Recycling Centre when taking green waste to the tip. Then I went to a friend’s place and commented on their new chair (which I liked!) I then discovered they had purchased at the recycling centre for a bargain price.

Well you can guess where I went on my next child free day ( I know I am a little crazy : P), on my first visit I came home with a Fisher Price baby jumper for $10 and  a trophy to re-gift as a joke for free. The baby jumper I later sold for $100, now that’s what I call good picking!

A haven for all those old time VCR tapes

It really is incredible the things people drop off at the recycling centre. I love that we have the option to drop unwanted goods off there rather than pouring it into land fill.

Since my first visit I have been there again several times, getting the metal for my routine board, two sets of metal drawers, countless tonka trucks, parts for brain chatter ideas and more shelving then I actually need.

Prices for all items are random they are the decision of the staff who work there, I have never walked away feeling over charged for what I have found. What’s the saying “another (wo)man’s junk is another (wo)man’s treasure”. That’s me, I love re-purposing items and giving them a new life!

Golf anyone?

What can you find there – lounges, tables, trophies, plastic kitchen ware, bicycles, prams, shelving, cupboards, tin, chairs, it’s at times a bit of hit and miss. Sometimes you go and you don’t have enough arms to carry your treasures, other days you walk out with little. It all depends on what you’re looking for. Go with an open mind and you’re sure to find something  you desperately need ; ).

Have you got a recycling centre near you? I would love to hear about it!

Filing cabinets begging for a new life : )

Over the weekend, I will blog about how  I re-purposed tw0 Balcatta Recycling Items – the tin for the routine board and the two small metal drawers which now house many of my bits and pieces for Imogen’s Angels.

Love, Light and Repurposing till next time!

x Fiona

P.S All in the name of research I went to the recycling centre today and came home with……