I am declaring this week as the battle of the homemade paints! Sounds tough hey?

Nah not really…

In warrior words it means…I have decided to put a collection of homemade paint recipes up together to find out which works the best..of course it will be completely unbiased and it’s not exactly fair play as they all use a wide range of ingredients…but gosh doesn’t it sound fun!

The competitors

Yoghurt paint

Gobby paint

Shampoo paint

Basic paint

Chalky paint

and more than likely by the end a few extra paints as I find more hidden recipes.

Do you want to join in and watch the competition heat up over the next week? Drop back tomorrow for the introduction of yoghurt paint aka Dairy King!

Love, Light and finding the champion ; )

Fiona x

P.S. I am {pretty} sure the reason for declaring the Battle of the Homemade Paints has nothing to do with the fact I have been watching back to back competitive reality TV shows for weeks on end…nothing…nothing at all…