I remember doing this as a kid. I had planned to use edicol dye as the paint over the top but completely forgot to purchase any when I visited the craft shop the other day. After a little experiencing I discovered food colouring does the job too!

Crayon painting

You will need..


Crayons, of any colour

Food colouring


Apron or big tee shirt

Card or paper

Step 1. Setup, adorn the aprons or big shirts.


Step 2. Draw a beautiful picture.

10-Painting week 21-001

Step 3. Paint over with food colouring, as the crayon resists the dye it makes the crayon drawing stand out even more.

Step 4. Wash out brushes. Tidy up.


{I love how the paint makes the crayon appear even brighter!}

Love, Light and Experiencing with paint,

Fiona x