1-Paint Pinterest

We  have four more paints to add to the paint battle. We had a lot of fun testing the first six paints. We then decided to headed over to Pinterest, find the most popular pinned homemade paints and test four of them in our kitchen!


Homemade Detergent Paint aka Soapy Paint

I love how this paint paints onto on to paper, it’s so smooth and a little sparkle from the glitter that shows through when it dries.

You will need


1 cup of flour

1 cup of water

1 cup of detergent {though ¼ cup would be fine as well}

A sprinkle of glitter

Food colouring


Cup measurement


Step 1. Add the flour to the bowl.

Step 2. Gradually add the water and detergent while stirring {to try and stop lumps}. Let your little miss or mister help out here.

3-April 2013 - Painting-001

Step 3. Separate into smaller lots and add colour, or just add the one colour to the whole batch.

Step 4. Create, it’s easy to use with fingers or a brush.

4-Painting 2

The Good


Kids can help with the pouring and stirring

Easy clean up

Beautiful smooth texture for painting with

Pantry/ cleaning cupboard stock ingredients

Love the glitter addition


The not so Good

This paint is very watery, so if you have little people who like to hold the paint brush in one place for too long you will end up with a paper hole.

Separates, though easy to stir back together.

The detergent ratio can be lessened to a ¼ cup if you don’t have much available like me!

Mark 8/10 ~ love the glitter addition!

The above recipe was pinned from Pinterest from Creative Playhouse.

Love, Light and a little sparkle

Fiona x