Gobby paint aka Slimmer – Homemade Paint

Gobby paint aka Slimmer is slimy and a glorious smooth finger painting paint.

Colour in a range of colours and let little and big ones wiggle their fingers or even toes in it.

You will need –


1/2 cup of corn-starch {or a cornflour that actually says it’s made from corn, a lot of corn flours are not!}

3/4 cup of cold water

2 cups of hot water

2 t Listerine

1 T glycerine { I purchased this a long time away from a health shop}

Food colouring

A pot

A spoon

Hot plate

Measuring cups.

Step 1. Combine the cold water with the corn starch. Stir till smooth.

Step 2. Add hot water, Listerine and glycerine.

Step 3. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and stir till it thickens. Be aware this happens very quickly!

Step 4. Remove from heat and separate into small amounts, stir through food colours.

Step 5. Allow to cool and have fun finger painting.


If it gets too cool it joins into one big lump, if this happens just give it a good stir and it will return to a perfect finger paint consistence.

The Good



Kids can help with the pouring and stirring

Easy clean up

Suitable for any age {the amount of Listerine in it is very minimal in case you’re worried about that!}

Pantry stock ingredients

Can be used with a brush or fingers

Gives a lovely texture for kids exploring different textures.

It makes a lot of paint

As it’s such a thick mix it makes very little dropping mess.


{you can’t see it here but the paint gives off a lovely shimmer effect!}

The not so Good

Glycerine may be a little tricky to locate. Not sure if they sell it at Woolies now?

It forms a big lump when cold, but you can still mix it back to a workable paint so that’s not a big deal.

It is hot when finished so the little ones might have to wait a while to paint.

Mark 7/10

Next….Shampoo Paint aka Bubbly Paint

Love, Light and slippery slime in between your toes.

Fiona x