Our 2nd paint from our Pinterest review is


Homemade Salt Paint aka never buy paint for kids!! paint

This paint is very simple and similar to the Basic Paint, we already reviewed.

You will need –


1 cup salt {or really ¼ cup would do}

1 cup flour

1 cup of water

Food colouring


Cup measurement


Step 1. Combine the flour and salt.

Step 2. Gradually add the water while stirring. Let your little miss or mister help out here.

7-April 2013 - Painting

Step 3. Separate into smaller lots and add colour, or just add the one colour to the whole batch.

Step 4. Create, it’s easy to use with fingers or a brush.


The Good



Kids can help with the pouring and stirring

Easy clean up

Stores well

Suitable for any age

Paints on paper with ease, not too watery that it wets the paper and makes it break down to papery mush.


The not so Good

I have nicknamed this one salt paint as the salt ratio is equal to the flour and water. I personally think the salt amount may be a little too high. I am guessing the salt is to help keep it from growing mould perfect for a science experiment. The salt ratio could be lessened and the paint stored in the fridge if you worried about keeping it for a long time. Though honestly it is so easy to make its hardly worth storing it.

Due to the amount of salt added it makes a very grainy paint, this could be good or not so good depending on the texture you’re after.

Takes a while {actually a long time especially when the weather is miserable} to dry if you add too much paint to one spot.


I do love how they have stored this paint in sauce bottles, this makes for easy paint serving next time. Next time you have an empty tomato sauce bottle clean it out and recycle that for your paint storage.

Mark 7/10 ~ love how it only needs pantry ingredients.

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Love, Light and a Salt Overload ; )

Fiona x