Homemade Shampoo Paint aka Bubbly Paint


This paint was meant to be made from shaving cream. Then I discovered this recipe that suggested if you whipped shampoo enough it turns into something like shaving cream without the masculine aroma ; ).


You will need –

3 teaspoons shampoo

Water {just a little}

Food colour

Whisk plus plenty of muscles for whisking

Or if you have an old pair of electric beaters use them {or if you don’t even care about shampoo being in your awesome flash mixer, go ahead, I won’t tell anyone}


Step 1. Combine shampoo and a little water in a bowl.

Step 2. Start whisking slowly then quickly as it begins to foam up.

Step 3. When it is foamed up, add colouring and stir through.

Step 4. Use immediately as the bubbles start to break down quickly. Though if they do just whisk them up again.


Step 5. Use your fingers or brush to create.

The Good


Kids can help with the pouring and stirring

Easy clean up

Beautiful smooth texture

Pantry/ Bathroom stock ingredients

Can be used with a brush or fingers

The mix is very thick, which helps it not being dripped onto the floor

Easy to used by any age

Only a few supplies needed


The not so Good

Babies, I imagine would love to eat this soft bubbly mix

If you child has sensitive skin, use shampoo they use regularly or wash their hands immediately after creating.

May need to use your flash mixer if you don’t have whisking muscle power, which could leave that next cake with a bubbly taste : /.

Make sure you use a generous dash of food colouring in the bubbles as if it’s too light in colour it won’t show on the paper.

Mark 6/10

Tomorrow…Basic Paint aka The Dark Horse.

Love, Light and Bubbles Everywhere!

Fiona x