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Homemade Water Paints aka Homemade Water Colours


This recipe idea is genius, made from pantry ingredients, eatable and is better than store bought water paints. I had to adjust the original recipe as it was too crumbly.


You will need

4 tablespoons of bicarb soda

2 tablespoons of white vinegar

½ teaspoon of golden syrup

2 tablespoons of corn flour

2 teaspoons of water {this is the extra item we added}

Food colouring


Cup measurement


Ice cube tray or muffin tin.

Step 1. Stir together bicarb soda and vinegar. Let fizzle down.

Step 2. Add golden syrup and corn flour.

2-Paint pictures

Step 3. Either separate into small bowls and add colours, or drop a little mix into each ice cube or muffin tray. Add a little colour and stir with a pop stick in the ice cube/ muffin tray holes.

Step 4. Leave to dry; depending on the weather this could take several days. Instead we put it in an oven on a low temp 100 – 120 degrees for five minutes. Instant water paint!

1-Blog - April Paint

Step 5. Paint by adding a little water to each paint. My Little Middle loved this, declaring it the best paint ever.

3-Blog - April Paint-001

The Good



Kids can help with the pouring and stirring

Easy clean up

Suitable for any age

Stores long term

Pantry stock ingredients

Perfect for painting printed out pictures

Bright colours


The not so Good

I had to adjust the original recipe, but that was all part of the experimenting fun.

If you leave them to just dry they could take days, though saying that the ones we left to dry only took a few hours {and the weather here is miserable}.

9/10 ~ Love how easy it is to make your own water colours.

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Love, Light and genius paint ideas.

Fiona x