A simple painting activity is stamping with paint. You can use practically anything for stamping, it’s an all age gig and if you find something that looks awesome stamped use it to stamp some unique wrapping paper.

You will need


Poster Paint – whatever colours take your fancy.

Plastic plates

Sponges on extra plates if you want to get rid of the extra paint on the stamper.

Nature Stamper

a piece of a bush or plant.

Bumpy Card Stamp

corrugated card

clothes peg

Potato Stamper


metal cookie cutter


Roll Stampers

Paper rolls from toilet paper, paper towel, cling wrap

DIY stampers

plastic lids

bits and bobs – wooden stars, plastic letters, buttons, buckles, string

hot glue gun

Foam Stampers

Foam stampers or kitchen sponges cut into shapes by you.

Step 1. Make up the stampers {see pictures below} and set up the paint and table covers etc. prior to telling your little ones you’re going to be painting this helps reduce the stress of having little people grumbling because they want to do it NOW!10-Blog photos Paint week 1-002

09-Blog photos Paint week 1-001

08-Blog photos Paint week 1

Step 2. Apron or shirt up your little person. Let your little person stamp away. Combine all the stampers on one piece of paper or do each stamper on a separate piece of paper. It doesn’t matter just have fun!

12-Blog photos Paint week 1-004

Step 3. Clean up; wash out the foam stampers, DIY stampers and plastic plates if you decide to keep them.

If you want to make some different colours out of the primary {red,blue, green and yellow} and shade {black and white} colours, check out our paint chart.

Combo for Fun Stamping

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I would love to hear if you have any other paint stampers ideas, either comment below or send me an email to Fiona@imogensangels.com.au

Love, light and stamping every where!

Fiona x