Watch out people I am about to blow the horn on the myths surrounding painting and kids.

Yes paint that glorious craft liquid that can create many a masterpiece and make parents cringe at the mere mention of it.

Many parents have this illusion that painting is this messy larger than life craft area that can only equal chaos when in the hands of any kid. Yes, I guess it could if you gave the kid a tube of red paint and sat them on a white lounge but there is also a lot of creative freedom kid’s gain from painting!

Painting plus kids is always messy…

Following on from my statement above it can be when it’s introduced in a place where painting is not desired. I don’t let my kids paint on the lounge, or actually anywhere close to the lounge or anything I don’t want changed in a rainbow mural.

I also don’t just leave the paint tubes lying around, in reach of the crazy hands of little one. If I did I’d be practically inviting them to re paint every wall. Painting can be an enjoyable experience for your kid/s and even YOU! All you need is a little forward thinking and time for set up. When you begin sharing painting with your child in an organised fashion, the most amazing thing happens they relaxed and enjoy painting and even you relax and enjoy that they are getting to be creative. Another magical throw back of this is the more you paint with your kid they will get with the organised program they will begin to learn that they need to have their painting shirt on and wait for mum/dad to be set up before they paint.

Instead of banishing painting to school, why not throw down an old sheet, or plastic sheet, set up the paint outside and dress your child in that over size shirt you are still holding on to and let them enjoy the joys of painting.


There is nowhere to display or store those multiple paintings…

You don’t have anywhere to showcase those monster butcher paper paintings; another alternative is to choose smaller paper. Then because using little paper will produce even more paintings, at the end of the painting session sit with your kid/s and get them to pick their favourite. The rest then get recycled, gifted to fabulous rellies or used as wrapping paper.

I have found that the more I have allowed painting and crafting into our lives my kids don’t become distressed when we have a cull of their masterpieces. They are excepting of the fact they will get to make more soon.

If you are particularly attached to a heap of paintings consider taking some photos of them and then loading them to a digital photo frame then everyone can still see the art work {tip – this makes a great present for Grandparents}. You can then let go of the mountains of creative masterpieces if you wish.

Paint is expensive…

This is definitely no longer true with the constant pop up of $2 shops, paint and paint tools can be affordably found everywhere. Kmart even has a great range of cheap cheerful paint in large tubs and different sized brushes available. There are also paint recipes that you can make from ingredients in your pantry.

When looking for painting tools; your imagination is your only limitation, dish sponges, paint rollers, cardboard tubes, feathers..I will be blogging more about paint types and tools this week.


Cleaning up is messy…

Ah another myth blown out of the water this is closely involved with myth number one but I wanted to throw it in to even the balance.

Cleaning up paint doesn’t have to be messy, like I mentioned before throw down the old sheet or plastic paint sheet. If that gets incredibly messy {like someone decides they want to empty the paint tub out} it’s not going to stop the world if you just toss it. Use old yoghurt containers as paint containers, don’t want to reuse them, toss them.

Don’t want to have much to paint to clean up use small containers like egg cartons or old ice cube trays; you can always add more if your child finds their inner painting god. Can’t be bothered cleaning the brushes soak them in an old yoghurt container come back later when the kids are asleep. Soaking them makes the cleaning much easier.

Over the next fortnight if you still want to listen to me after my rant above you will even discover that painting doesn’t just have to be done on an easel with a brush.


Simply put painting can messy but with a little forward thinking it can also be a lot of creative fun!


Love, Light and Painting the world your way,