The tools {your painting weapons : )} can be as varied as your imagination and if your not sure whether it will work, why not give it a go? Who knows you could end up inventing a new painting tool!

Tools for painting

Paper rolls

Any of nature’s gifts, nuts, leaves, branches, flowers, feathers if you can drag it close enough to the paper and the paint you can use it : P

Potatoes, apples for stamping

Kitchen sponges


Cotton reels

Pom Poms

Wooden shapes


Orange netting bags

Cotton balls



Cue tips

Brushes – there are so many sizes and types!

Foam stamps

Corks, bottle lids


Paint holders


Yoghurt containers

Egg cartoons

Old ice cube trays

Pie trays

Second hand containers

Meat trays

Lids hot glued to pieces of wood for stability

Got any other tools you would love to add, please leave a comment below!

Love, Light and finding the right tool for the job : )

Fiona x