In the world of paint for your little ones there are two major store made players.


Poster paint –

  • Most common one available.
  • Comes in a range of bright cheerful colours – most common being red, bright blue, green and yellow.
  • They are water soluble making them easier to remove from clothes, lounges and carpets if there happens to be a spill.

02-DSC_0011Acrylic paints –

  • Permanent paint when dry.
  • Great for painting wood items e.g. photo frames.
  • When dry they create a film of plastic, resistant to water which is able to be cleaned {with out damage to the design} if needed.
  • Due to the polymer make up of acrylic paints when they dried they will display a nice shine.
  • As acrylic paints are not primarily water based this means that once they have dried, they can be almost impossible to remove from clothing or furniture.

Basically unless you’re planning on painting a wooden treasure to give to someone special or admire for a lengthy time, stick with the poster paint. It’s cheap, cheerful and is much easier to clean up if spilt!

Another handy thing to know, is how to make even more colour magic with the four primary and shade colours ~ red, yellow, blue, green, black and white. Below is just a small snap shot of what extra colours you can make when mixing primary and shade colours together.

Imogen's Angels Colour Mixing Chart

{Print it out and laminate to have on hand all the time}

Over the next few weeks I will add the homemade paint recipe links to this blog post to allow them to be found in one place. Keep checking back to find what you can create simply from your pantry, bathroom or a quick trip to your local supermarket.

Love, Light and the painting basics : )

Fiona x