Paper Lanterns


In preparation for the Chinese New Year on February 10th, we are making paper lanterns. To celebrate Chinese New Year, you could get mum and dad to organise a special Chinese themed meal on the day and decorate with your lanterns!

You will need..3-DSC_0004

Paper –  my lantern printable



Lantern Printable

Decorating tools e.g. textas, glitter, stars

Step 1. Set up. Print printable or use your ruler to measure equal lines along the folded in half {long side} piece of paper, up to within 2 cms of the edge. You will also need one line on the end ruled the whole way across.

Step 2. Colour and decorate your lantern before cutting.


Step 3. Cut the one piece off the end of the piece of paper, this will be your handle.

Step 4. Cut along the marked lines, being carefully not to cut right through.

5-Week Three Blog 2

Step 5. Unfold the piece of paper.

Step 6. Join the short sides up together and staple at the top and bottom.

Step 7. Push down lightly on the top of your cone and the cut lines will bend out to create a lantern effect.

Step 8. Staple your handle on one side and then staple the other end on the opposite side.

Step 9. You now have your lantern. Make more from coloured paper, then string them up with streamers or a bunch paper chains.

Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year for the 10th of February,

Love, Light and shining the way

Fiona x