Hello Friends

Welcome to the first blog post for Imogen’s Angels.

My vision for this blog to share a suitcase full of ideas for connecting kids with craft, from painting, to clay, to dot to dot. I also want to breathe a little life back to an amazing little product called polymer clay through tutorials and exciting blog posts.

Now before you go shutting down my page from the sheer fear of the mess and time taken involving kids with craft, I want to ensure you that I will be including craft ideas that don’t require you cutting a trillion circles, oodles of crazy named craft supplies or mountains of tired mummy brain power. After all I am also a brain tired, at (most) times unorganised mum of four. There will be times that the blogs I post may involve a little more equipment or brain power, but in the majority I will keep it simple.

My biggest wish for this blog is to inspire more parents to allow their children to be creative. It is not my aim to hinder this from happening with detailed craft project that requires hours of effort and patience from parent and child! As we all know, children at times do not have the attention span (especially the small ones) to be involved with craft for hours on end. It then becomes BORING and FRUSTRATING and that stifles kids love for craft and art activities. Not fun or cool at all!

Polymer clay became a passion of mine when I was a small kid, but only came back to me last year. Every year I have ordered personalised Christmas tree ornaments from the U.S when it dawned on me that I could do my own! I could then personalise them any way I liked. Hair, t-shirt, dress colour etc were all mine to choose. I wondered if anyone else would like one of these. When my orders for Christmas ornaments climbed over 100, I had my question answered! From then on I have expanded my polymer clay ideas and created teeny tiny ladybirds, koalas, wedding people etc. Every day a new idea pops in my head. My clay creations plus a few other brain chatter ideas are for purchase here.

I may also for the parents, tackle some of those UFO (un-finished object) craft projects I have hidden in the many cupboards and plastic tubs. Some may be out-dated to my lifestyle now as they have been lurking for so long. Perhaps together we can inspire each other to drag those UFO’s out and COMPLETE THEM!

I can’t promise I will be the most on time blogger, as honestly my kids come first and if I am required to play trains, paint, count snails, proof read year 8 English work, kick the ball, eat chocolate cake whilst talking about the day’s events at high school then that is always going to win over blogging. Put simply, I would not be doing this blog or Imogen’s Angels, if I was never blessed to be called their mum.

So join with me if you dare, on a journey through the land of blogging and crafting. Check out my about me page to read a little of my story. If you would like to, please send me an email or leave a comment about what you would like to see~ I would love that,

Love, Light and Craft


The Craft Master