Nature Themed Craft ~ Felted stones


The second last nature craft activity is one I have had on my list for a long time. After seeing how easy and fun it was to do I am not sure why we didn’t make some sooner! Felted stones make perfect paper weights, for keeping important papers all together. A great activity to add to the handmade gift list.

You will need –



Felt Wool {purchased from Spotlight}

Wool {100% sheep wool – purchased from Textile Traders}

Hand Soap


Netted Bag {an orange netted bag is ideal}

Plastic Bag

Water {plus sink or bucket}

Step 1. Gather the supplies.

Step 2. Pull the wool apart; it needs to be thin enough to easily wrap around the stone.


 Step 3. Wrap the wool around the stone, completely covering the stone. This is a bit like wrapping a present.


Step 4. Optional – to add a little contrast to your felt wool, pull a little knitting wool apart and wrap it in pieces over the felt wrapped stone.

Step 5. Pop the felt wrapped stone in the netted bag, and either knot it closed or use an elastic band to pull the netting close to the stone.


Step 6. Fill a sink or bucket with water. Squirt a little soap onto the netted felt wrapped stone and dunk the stone in and out of the water.

8-Nature Activity 3

Step 7. Squeeze the excess water from the netted felted wrapped stone and begin rolling the stone back and forth in your hands. The soap will foam up. Continue doing this until you can see the felt meshing together {this step took us a few minutes}

Step 8. Once you can see the meshing forming, remove it from the netted bag. If you leave it too long the felt will start meshing the netted bag to the stone!

Step 9. Put the felt stone in the plastic bag and continue to roll it back and forth with your hands.


Step 10. After another few minutes removed the stone from the bag, pop the stone in the water and squeeze to remove any excess soap.


Step 11. Leave to dry. Add some character to your felted stone with goggle eyes or gift them to someone you love just as they are.


NOTE – the more you roll the felt stone in your hands, the tighter the meshed felt will be when dried. Ours were only done in a ‘3 year old interest on one thing’ time frame ; ), which means the felt was a little loose after drying.

Love, Light and Felting Fun

Fiona x

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