Winter is the time to be rugged up and keeping warm. Though between those showers it’s a great time to explore nature, jump in puddles and run the silly’s out of those little people who don’t love being cooped up inside.

In winter I love the colours that the leaves move through as they begin to fall from big trees. Today’s paint craft was motivated by this…


 Leaf Painting

 You will need…



A large paint tray {an ice cream lid is ideal}

Brushes or a mini roller

Paper, large butcher paper is great

Paint shirt/Apron

A collection of leaves


Step 1.Set up activity supplies. Put on the paint apron/shirt.

Step 2. Either press the leaf into the paint or roll the paint onto the leaf.

3-Nature Craft1

Step 3. Press the leaf firmly onto the paper, or try using the roller to roll over the back of the leaf to press it onto the paper.

Step 4. Paint and press lots of leaves, use different sizes, make a pattern.

Step 5. Allow to dry.

4-Nature Craft1-001

Step 6. When they are dry, you may want to cut some out. Apply some contact and stick them on your window for a winter decoration.


Love, Light and Beautiful Winter Colours.

Fiona x

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