Another fun impression activity, which can be used with all of your nature’s collection from feathers to nuts.

Nature Moulds


You will need…


Polymer clay {see packet for age recommendations}

Air dry clay

A collection of nature’s goodies {leaves, feathers, nuts, stones}

An oven

A tray with a piece of baking paper



Craft glue


Step 1. Set up.

Step 2. Making the mould – Roll and press out polymer clay, to help it become soft enough to press your nature pieces into it.


Step 3. Press your nature pieces into the clay; wiggle them around so you get a through imprint. Shake a little baby powder on the clay before you press into it this makes it easier to remove the nut etc.

2-Nature craft 2

Step 4. Gentle remove the piece from the clay.

Step 5. Follow the cooking directions on the polymer clay packet.

Step 6. Once the polymer clay mould is cooled. Roll your air dry clay out, or you can choose to use polymer clay again.

Step 7. Press your clay into the polymer mould; leave a little extra clay on the back to allow you to easily pull it out. You can always cut this extra piece off later.

Step 8. Using a little water on your fingers smooth out any ragged edges.


Step 9. Leave in a safe dry place to dry, this usually takes around 12 hours depending on the weather.

Step 10. Paint your moulded nature piece your way. Allow to dry.


Step 11. Admire your art work or optionally –when dried, add a magnet to the back with craft glue for a unique gift to someone you love.

Love, Light and Looking at the details


Fiona x

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