When you have been exploring outside, did you find a heap of different nuts? Add some glue and goggly eyes and create your own little nutty friends!


Nutty Friends


You will need…


Nuts, twigs, feathers.

Craft Glue


Scrap felt or a piece of wood

Goggly Eyes, felt scraps for mouths.


TIP ~ Earlier I glued the first nuts onto the felt to make it easier for my little middle to add more nuts onto a stable area.

Step 1. Set up.

Step 2. If you’re a planner, draw out your little person/animal, if not just start gluing and creating.

5-Nature Craft - Nutty Friends

Step 3. Make a whole family, or zoo, or town {depending on how may nuts you have}. If you need to make them a bit more stable add a thick piece of card, stiffen felt, large piece of wood to the bottom to help them balance}

Step 4. Allow to dry

Step 5. Gift them, or display them in your room.

6-Nature Craft - Nutty Friends-001

Love, Light and Getting creative.

Fiona x

 P.S. I’ve been doing this for a while, below is a photo of some of my nut creations I made when I was small…thanks mum for the photo!

2-Nature Craft - Nutty Friends-002

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