Magical Pin wheels

Make your own Pin wheel

I absolutely love pin wheels, they bring back fond memories of my childhood laying on the grass and blowing them to make them turn faster and faster. It is by no surprise, I am always on the lookout for how to make a crafty pin wheel.

This pinwheel formula comes together from a mixture of other pinwheel recipes. Though it is mainly inspired by the ‘pinwheel’ featured in the book –

You will need

Make your own pin wheel

The pinwheel printable {print it onto some pretty coloured paper or plain white and add colour yourself with textas or paint}


A material pin

A cut piece of cork

A piece of dowel {you could also use a straw or any other straight piece of wood}

UHU glue {or any other fast setting craft glue}

Two beads

Stanley knife

Step 1. Print the pin wheel printable onto any coloured paper, or white paper if you wish to colour them in yourself. If you have 12 inch scrapbooking paper simply cut it down to A4 size to allow it to feed through your printer.

Step 2. Once you have finished decorating, cut along the lines.

Make your own pin wheel

Step 3. While the kids are decorating carefully cut the cork with a Stanley knife into smaller pieces.

Step 4. Glue the cork to the top of the dowel {see picture}. Allow to dry.


New idea for the cork, simply push the pointy end of a skewer into the cork.

Make your own pin wheel

Step 5. Fold all four corners of the pinwheel into the middle.

Step 6. Push the pin through the middle of the folded pinwheel and then add a bead.. Lastly press the pin securely into the cork.Make your own pin wheel

Step 7. You now have a beautiful pin wheel; why not make one for your friends?

Tips. Add personalise pinwheel to the top of a birthday present.

Love, light and pin wheel love

Fiona x