Butterflies and Bats


Simple, perfect for wintery afternoons and little people who love crafting.

You can make both ~ butterflies and bats or just one!

You will need…


4 paper rolls {2 for bats, 2 for butterflies}

1 set of bat and butterfly printables

Double sided tape or glue

2 white pieces of paper for the printable

A printer



8 goggle eyes {or draw on your own}

2 pipe cleaners

1 metal skewer

Step 1.  Print the printable, gather the supplies. Cut the rolls to approx.10 cms.(Tip. You can make cutting the roll easier by squashing them in half and then reforming them back into cylinders afterwards).

Step 2. Colour, Colour, Colour.

7-May 2013 - More Paper Roll Craft-001

Step 3. Cut out.

Step 4. Adult : using a metal skewer poke two holes near the top of the paper roll for the antennas. Let your little person have a go at threading the pipe cleaner through the holes. Twist the pipe cleaners around at the end to make them curly.

6-May 2013 - More Paper Roll Craft

Step 5. Apply double sided tape or glue to the roll.

8-May 2013 - More Paper Roll Craft-002

Step 6. Apply wings and ears to the bats.

Step 7. Glue {or draw} on the eyes.


Step 8. Allow to dry, if using glue.

Step 9. Draw on mouth.

Step 10. Fly, and pretend play with your new friends.

Love, Light and Flying,

Fiona x

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