Finally I am back on the crafting wagon, after the amazing ‘Princess Ladybird’week success, Imogen’s birthday celebrations, her angel day and a 2nd Birthday for little one!

I really wanted to come back with an awesome Mother’s Day printable, but time has just got away from me and unbelievably it’s Mother’s day this Sunday! If you are looking for a cute printable for Mum or Granma, do pop over to my hand and foot print blog post where I share a stack of free printable poems, that you can print out, decorate with your little ones hands or feet and then laminate or frame!

Moving forward, we roll our way into re purposing paper rolls into creative craft…

Toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, cling wrap rolls, material card rolls, basically any card/paper roll you can find. Lucky for me, my mum likes to re purpose recyclable things too so she had a big box of different paper rolls for us to use!

First up…


Extendable Binoculars

You will need –

Two toilet paper rolls {or paper towel rolls cut to size}

Two more paper rolls {that can fit inside or over the outside of the other paper rolls}

Coloured paper, paint, glitter, cut outs, stickers to decorate

A piece of string or ribbon approx. 50cms long

Hole punch

Glue stick





Step 1. Parent – if needed measure and cut two different width paper towel rolls into two even lengths. To help with cutting through the rolls, simply squash them flat, you can always push them into a roll shape after.

7-April 2013 - Immies Birthday1

Step 2. Parent – measure the width and length of the roll. Measure and mark those measurements on the coloured paper to make a cover for the outside of the rolls. Cut out the rectangles of coloured paper.

6-April 2013 - Immies Birthday

Step 3. Set up the protective mat on the table with all the decorative supplies and rolls.

Step 4. Let your little one have a go at applying the glue to the outside of the rolls, you may need to apply a little more after they have finished.

1-April 2013 - Immies Birthday-002

Step 5. Also let your little one have a go at wrapping the paper around the roll, you can always adjust it after they have had a go.

Step 6. Parent – Staple the two outside rolls together. Punch a hole through one end of larger rolls on opposite sides. Double knot the string through the punched holes. Slip the other roll inside the larger roll.

8-April 2013 - Immies Birthday-001

Step 7. Now let you little one decorate the outside rolls with the decorative supplies.

Step 8. Let dry if generous amounts of glue have been applied : ).

Step 9. Show your little one how they can look through the binoculars with and without the other rolls extended out. Have fun looking through them at your family, toys or even your family pets.

8-April 2013 - Immies Birthday-001


The next paper roll blog post is all about crafting little cars. We did a lot of experimenting when it came to the little car’s wheels, to find the best and most rough kid friendly solution. I look forward to sharing it with you!

Love, light and exploring the world through a set of handmade binoculars,

Fiona x