Heart Stampers

07-May 2013 - Paper Roll Craft-006

When I went to goggle craft activities with paper rolls, these stampers instantly came up. Even though they are out there already in goggle land I still wanted to share them because they are just too cute and easy to make!

You will need…


Paper rolls

Sticky tape

Plastic plate

Poster Paint

A piece of paper {or lots of paper depending on how keen your kid is at stamping}

Step 1.  Using any size roll, bend the roll in half and squash the edge of one side into the middle to form a heart shape.


Step 2. While the roll is in that shape, apply tape around the heart shape to keep it from bouncing back out into a circle shape.

Flower Heart

Step 3. Repeat step 1 to four other rolls.

Step 4. Place the hearts together to form a flower or four leaf clove shape.


Step 5. Hold together and tape the four hearts together.

Step 6. Add the paint to the plastic plate. Set up the table with the protective mat. Add the apron and let your little one stamp away a whole lot of love : ).


12-May 2013 - Paper Roll Craft-007

This stamp would make great wrapping paper. Source some butchers paper and stamp away to make your very own creative wrap.


Lots of Love and Light

Fiona x