Knightly Puppets


Who doesn’t like a free printable and puppets?

Introducing the knight lad and lady puppets, also included is a dragon, horse, lady in distress and lad in distress : ). All they need after being made is your imagination!

You will need…


4 paper rolls

1 set of knight lad printables and knight lady printables

1 white piece of card for the printable

A printer

Double sided tape or glue





Step 1.  Print the printable, gather the supplies. Cut the rolls to approx. 10cms you can make the roll cutting easier by squashing them in half. Simply unsquash them after.

Step 2. Colour, Colour, Colour.



{Make sure you take a few breaks and be silly ; )}

Step 3. Cut out.

Step 4. Apply double sided tape or glue to the roll.

08-May 2013 - Paper Roll Craft-009

Step 5. Apply the cut out people.

Step 6. Play! Create a play for the family and have fun!

11-May 2013 - Paper Roll Craft-010

Love, Light and Saving the day,

Fiona x

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