Knitting Nancy’s, did you have one as a kid? I did…I got to thinking surely you can make one with a paper roll and a quick goggle search revealed you can indeed…


Above image from Kidspot.

How clever is that!

But what if you don’t have any paddle pop sticks…

Knitting Netty


You will need


One thick {but still bendable} paper towel roll

Wool {pick a colour}

Our printable instruction sheet


Sticky Tape

Step 1. Parent –Cut the paper roll in half, make it easy by squashing the roll you can always unsquash it later. While the roll is squashed cut a 2 – 3 cm line about ½ cm in from the edge, repeat on the other side. Then two cut 2 – 3 cm lines about 1/2 cm apart through both layers of the paper roll in the middle of the roll {see photo below}.

Step 2. Unsquash the roll and fold down the cut flaps. Using sticky tape wrap the tape around the roll and secure the flaps down.

1-May 2013 - Blog Paper Roll-001

Step 3. You now have a knitting Netty! You could also try and add a few more cuts and flaps and see what you knitting looks like when adding more stitches.

That’s great Fiona, but what am I meant to do with a Knitting Netty.

First you need to make a slip knot. Not sure how to create a slip knot? Parenting Fun Everyday shows how to do this with a catchy poem and picture slip knot tutorial.

Then below a free step by step Knitting with Knitting Netty printable. Now when you have made metres and metres of Knitting Netty string, check out this picture tutorial from Parenting Fun Everyday to see how to finish it off.


Knitting Netty Printable

In my searching I found another Knitting Nancy, check out this huge version of a Knitting Nancy!

Knitting nancy

Love, Light and Knitting for fun,

 Fiona x