Rain stick {or shaker}


Have you ever seen those long hollow logs that when you tip them up and down they sound like rain {kind of anyway!}? Well we decided to try our hand at making one out of a paper roll. If you don’t want a rain stick it also makes a fabulous music shaker. Two creative options in one!

You will need…


A thick paper roll {cling wrap rolls are ideal}

A small piece of card

Sticky tape

A pencil

Glue stick


Decorative supplies e.g. stickers, textas

Rice – between ½ cup to 1 cup


A piece of coloured paper

A glue stick

Washi tape {only because I love it}

Step 1.  Put the end of the roll onto the card, draw around the end, cut out the circle. Repeat to the other end.

Step 2. Place the circle onto the end of roll and apply tape across the roll each way.

04-May 2013 - Paper Roll Craft-005

Step 3. Make a paper funnel by shaping a piece of paper into a funnel shape and applying a little tape. Using the funnel pour in the rice.

Step 4. Now place your hand over the open end and turn the roll up and down, removing rice until you think the noise sounds more like rain, or more to your tune!

Step 5. Repeat step 2 to the open end.

Step 6. Then measure the rolls length and the size of the roll end {circumference}. Transfer the measurements to the contact or paper. Cut. Cover the roll in contact, paper or leave bare to decorate.

03-May 2013 - Paper Roll Craft-004

Step 7. Optional – I added a little washi tape to the end to cover the tape { and because I love washi tape!]

05-May 2013 - Paper Roll Craft-008

Step 8. You now have a rain stick or new shaker!


Enjoy the noise, try tipping it up and down sloooow and fast, and listen to the different noises.

Love, Light and gentle rain,

Fiona x