My last paper roll craft activity includes another printable. I know, I know I have been going a little printable crazy lately. I just love creating them. This one was fun to draw, but I must say the planets may not all be in the right size proportion or order. After reading up I became a little confused what was a real planets and a dwarf planets {who knew – not me!}. Please just enjoy them for the fun printable activity they are!

Space Mobile


You will need…


2 paper rolls

1 set of rocket and planet printables

2 white pieces of paper for the printable { or one coloured card for the rocket}

A printer

A piece of colour paper for the rocket body

Roll on glue and Craft glue

Optional – Double sided tape/ Staple for rocket top.



Optional – decorations for planets and rockets – star stickers, glitter glue

2 pieces of dowel

String/ thread {you may like to use a thin thread to hang the planets and rockets}

Little weights to make the mobile evenly balanced{ we used five cent pieces}

Step 1.  Print the printable, gather the supplies. Cut the rolls to approx.10 cms.(Tip. You can make cutting the roll easier by squashing them in half and then reforming them back into cylinders afterwards).


Step 2. Colour, Colour, Colour.


Step 3. Cut out.


Step 4. Then measure the rolls length and the size of the roll end {diameter}. Transfer the measurements to the coloured paper. Cut. Apply glue all over the roll. Wrap the paper around the roll.

03-May 2013 - Space Mobile

Step 5. Form the rocket top, into a cone. Either apply glue, a staple or double side tape to keep it in a cone shape.

06-May 2013 - Space Mobile1

Step 6. Run a line of craft glue around the top edge of the cover paper roll. Press the cone onto the rocket top. Allow to dry {see photo above}

Step 7. Cut an approx. 2cm cut on the bottom side of the roll, one each side across from each other {see photo above}.

Step 8. Slot the rocket wings together. Wiggle/slide the wings to fit into the cut slots.


Step 9. Adding the hanging thread –  add the thread to the rocket, by piercing a hole on the top of the rocket. Push the thread through the pierced hole. Knot the string to a paper clip to add a little weight. Repeat the same to the other rocket and planets. Adding different length strings will help add interest to the mobile. You can also print and colour another planet printable, so you have colour on both sides of the planet pictures. Add the extras with double sided tape.

05-May 2013 - Space Mobile-002

Step 10. Make the mobile hanger, by placing the two pieces of dowel across each other, and wrapping string around both ways. Knot off at the end.

Step 11. Tie the planets and rockets to the mobile hanger and hang from the roof. Best to do when little people are not running around under your feet, to stop you falling from the step, screaming and then tangling the threads! We had to add a few weights on to even the balance up on all four sides, for weights we taped on 5 cent pieces { I know where to head if I ever need a five cent piece; )}


Watch the planets and rockets bob around. You could turn this activity into a teaching lesson about space, combining it with other space educational activities available on the Internet. I found this great Pinterest board with plenty of ideas.


{Pin me…I dare you ; )}

Love, Light and Blast off.

Fiona x

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