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Salt Dough Creations

‘Salt Dough Creations’



A quick review, surprisingly the ‘salt dough recipe, the smoothest and easiest to work with, gave us a mixed response, half were hard and the other half were still soft, even after baking for 3 plus hours.

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With the wettest dough {and the one I didn’t rate that high!} ‘Easy salt dough every single decoration was as hard as a rock.

Keepsake Play dough which air dried another mixed response even after a week air drying some were still super soft.


For a long lasting decoration – Easy Salt Dough is Queen of the bunch.

Looking for more salt dough inspiration?  check out a few ideas for salt decorations I found on Pinterest,

How special for Christmas Tree ornaments

Impressions from stamps, the perfect gift tag.

Ladybugs, what’s not to love!

Add paper, or other craft bits.

Santa Salt Dough, perfect craft idea for the playgroup or home.

Mum and child, capture those priceless little hands with yours.

Light, Laughter and Inspiring a little salt dough crafting,

Fiona x

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