This is the sum up of what happened a week later after we made all the homemade play doh recipes….

Let me set the conditions, stored in a ziplock bag in the top of my pantry cupboard.

This is a pre warning ones looks more like a science experiment gone wrong….

Play dough reviews 7 days later


Thermomox play dough

Didn’t miss a beat, still as beautiful and smooth as it was a week ago.

No Cook

No Cook play dough

A little slimey and wet, though still soft.

No Salt

No salt playdough

{insert horror music} mould, slime and half the bag was full of oil that had come out of the play dough. Just plain nasty!


Classic Playdough

Still soft, just a bit salt crusty.


Pretty play dough

On par with Thermomix, beautifully soft and still smelt pretty : ).

End conclusion – Stay away from the no salt and no cook, keep your homemade play dough happy and feed it plenty of salt,  cream of tartar and heat to keep it lasting longer and not turning into a science experiment.

Love, Light and happy play dough!